Tifanny Bouelle

If I were a famous artist?

Georgia o keef , She represents for me an art of living, a freedom, an elegance.

If I was an art type/medium?

I have a great admiration for the Bahaus period and I also have a deep love for the philosophy of wabi sabi. I like the oppositions, the smooth and the rough.

What if I was a museum?

The Bourdelle Museum, the Villa Santosospir, the Maison Louis Carré. Places where architecture, design and painting become one.

What if I was a color?

Ecrue with shades of sand like a ruined wall.

If I were a book?

In praise of Tanizako's shadow I am stuck on this reading...

I also read a lot about Montessori education to mix design and freedom.

And finally, Kate Millet's male politics, of which I share some opinions.

Another city where I could live...

New York or the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees.

If I wasn't an artist I'd be...

A rainny cloud

Miracolo in three words for me is

A beautiful idea

If I were an architect?

At the moment Tadao Ando, Oscar Niemeyer, India Mahdavi, studio Ko and finally my collaborators whose work I sincerely love: Festen Architecture.