Lola Mathé

Lola Mathé is a visual artist, graphic designer and artworks consultant who lives and works in Paris. 

After graduating with a degree in Applied Arts and Textile Design from LISAA, Lola Mathé began her working life by taking on freelance assignments for Parisian trend agencies such as Peclers and Nelly Rodi. 

After a 4-year professional career in the fashion and textile industry, Lola Mathé gradually moved into interior design, joining Muzéo, an artistic creation and production agency, in 2018, where she designs bespoke artistic proposals for Hospitality, private and public residences, and Workplaces. 

Since 2019, Lola Mathé has been moving towards a more intimate artistic practice, bringing her personal creations to life by materialising her desires and emotions within her own aesthetic universe. The essential notion of gesture, the search for harmony, the balance of form and the emotional power of colour, give soul and depth to her work.

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