Lola Mathé

I was born in France in 1991, and I live in Paris. At the age of 17, I decided to follow a course in styling and textile design at LISAA, L'institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués in Paris. I graduated three years later, I have started working as a freelance stylist.

In my "Collages" series, I like to think of paper as a textile, always with this idea of imperfection, of a small detail that evokes an accident: a little smear, a slightly crumpled paper, a tear, a fold, a somewhat shaky shape, a barely perceptible reflection. Then, I provoke the chance and the imbalance of the gesture. It gives a soul to work. I also think that the accident creates new perspectives. From there are born forms, colours, patterns, textures - Stories that I tell myself and in which I escape.

With my "Café" series, based on the idea of repetition, I have a more minimalist approach: the point, the line, a colour. It is almost like I'm absorbed in this creative process - a meditative inner journey. Detached from all intellectualism, I try to bring a spiritual and contemplative dimension to my work. I don't particularly look for meaning in my creations. I prefer to turn towards sensation, simplicity and authenticity. I like to think of each work as a scientific composition, with its method, its measure, its rhythm and its light.

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