Amélie Lengrand

Amélie Lengrand is a French scenographic architect and visual artist. 

Her work is characterised by the diversity of media and techniques she uses, including sculpture, painting on canvas, silk, paper and wood, porcelain and weaving. Inspired by dreams and their language, her works reveal landscapes that play on several levels and scales. Using repetition, superimposition and accumulation, Amélie Lengrand uses the motif as a visual structure to dress up the space or frame. 

Her creations include Iris, a sculpture suspended over the pool at the Molitor swimming pool, an interpretation of the mirror ball combined with the design of porthole windows, in which the coloured facets diffract the natural light; Rubans, a wave of woven wood invading the window space at Hermès; and Temple, a series of paper chandeliers whose columns recall those of the Greek temple, embracing the magic of Oriental paper. Here, the colour applied by the brush is like a vibration, a musical breath that makes the object dance in space. 

With her watercolours on canvas and paper, she impregnates the material with colour like a fabric. Using raw cotton canvas, Korean paper and silk, the paintings illustrate the sequences of a landscape in motion. 

By working with this duality of mediums, Amélie Lengrand takes a poetic look at the power relationships that drive us and build us up. She opens up the stage of her dreams in colour.

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Amélie Lengrand

Aube 1

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