Sara Ödman

In her early twenties Sara moved from South Sweden to settle down in Paris where she studied and worked during 10 years. With a Master's degree in Art Direction from the renowned school ESAG Penninghen, her design has crossed different disciplines such as window display design, brand identity and packaging design within luxury and prêt-à-porter. When working in Beijing, she made her first encounter with textile and print design, a passion that she’s constantly inspired to develop.

"To create is an infinite part of me and has always been, I’ve loved to illustrate since I can remember. The empty paper inspires me, I always get my energy flowing just by the thought of coloring that white space. I come from a family where art has always been a way to express yourself and I definitely feel that imagination and creativity are my fuels for feeling alive. Surrounded by the prairies and the ocean my entire childhood, nature is a big part of my roots and my source of inspiration. It’s an endless treasure with combinations of colors and shapes and I love to play with that in mind creating abstract encounters in my paintings."