Jelena Donko

What if I was a famous artist?

I would use the influence to communicate the beauty of physics and maths to the wider public through art. Art to me has this unique ability of connecting worlds and creating conversation because it can be so abstract and yet so communicating. Physics and math might not be biggest fields of interest for most people but I believe we can learn so much from it and that art can create a playful gateway into this world. A more abstract approach that goes beyond the primary need for scientific understanding but that focuses on our visual experience first.

If I were an art type/medium?

In the spirit of Paul Klee, I would be a simple dot dancing over the paper like a contemporary dancer who moves through the room. An ever abstract line, minimal and explorative. Moving through space and time.

If I were a museum?

I think I would choose to be a natural history museum. This way I would be the sum of all these amazing objects that represent different time frames throughout history. I could look at my collection and explore time as a spatial dimension, going back and forth as I please.