Maggie Cowles


Maggie is an artist and illustrator, born & raised in NYC. Her work revolves around the acute memories food can trigger. Her work is meant as a sentimental reflection of the food experience; whether that's the special moments we have sharing a meal with loved ones or the revelation of meals in a distant city.


Miracolo the miracle of a meeting!

A desire to bring together two worlds that nothing or almost nothing predisposed to meet. On the one hand, talented artists - endowed with a unique know-how and carrying a strong message -, but sometimes still little known, either because they are emerging or because they do not have the channels to make themselves known. And on the other hand, people who are sensitive to art, but who, for many reasons, do not have access to it.



Miracolo is...a multitude of artists from all over the world, spotted for their strong artistic approach and their original know-how.

Editions, digitally stamped on art paper and works of art in their own right.

Prints on natural and rigorously selected papers, limited to 30 copies and signed and numbered by the artist.

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