Jessica Martin

My must have to create

My must have to create is time! I am always thinking of the next piece or project, but time is that treasured thing I need to experiment, make mistakes, and bring my ideas to the world

Miracolo in 3 words

 Inviting, accessible, high-quality

If I were a famous artist

If I was a famous artist I would use my fame to promote and support more high-quality arts programs in public schools

If I were a quote

"The unknown is the realm of the gods" (my mother always said this)

If I were an architect

If I was an architect I would design tents

If I were an emotion


If I were a book

Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

If I were a music

African High-Life

If I were a sound/a noise

A gong

If I were a city

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

If I were a museum

 If I was a museum I’d be a free community-driven museum like the Underground Museum in Los Angeles

Buenos Aires

 If I were a color