Evgenia Makarova

Evgenia Makarova was born in 1984 in the city of Syktyvkar, Russia. She received a graduate degree as a graphic designer. Following, she worked in the field of branding and identity. Currently, Makarova has completed her career as a designer and devotes all her energies to evolving as an artist. She lives and works in Moscow. Evgenia Makarova abstract artist.

The matter of suppressing the emotional sphere of a person, the influence of affects, emotions on consciousness is the subject of her research. The mediums which she uses in her practice are painting and sculptures.

"My creative process is based on various experiments with materials and tools. I prefer using unpredictable tools at hand. It allows me to create interesting and unexpected combinations. The main attention in my works I pay to the senses and the process itself is always improvisation. I never know in advance what kind of image I will create as well as I do not know upcoming composition or color scheme."

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Evgenia Makarova


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