Egle Simkute

Egle Simkute is a Lithuanian visual artist who offers a colorful and pop vision in all of her paintings.

These forms coexist with each other, filled with pastel or penetrating colors, colors that complement and contradict each other, all on a neutral, tender background. Forms that invade the entire canvas or meet in its center.

To understand Eglusha's pictorial work, it goes without saying that one must refer directly to her illustrations, which mirror both the choice of form and the hidden meaning of her drawings. His approach aims at a logical continuity of his previous work, his paintings are more and more detached from the "real" to move slowly towards abstraction.

The space / form relationship is at the heart of Eglusha's work, she never stops questioning the place of form in space. Its artistic influences feed its themes.

By Eva Reisser

photo 1
photo 2