Julie Gouiran

Julie Gouiran lives in the heart of the Morvan Forest in Burgundy, France, and lives out her commitment to the process of creating her works in a natural setting on a daily basis. 

She roams the forest, gathering organic, bio-degradable life forms (lichens, leaves, branches, minerals, earth, flowers, etc.) that are present according to the season. She then denatures them by transforming and reassembling them to give them a new form.  

The artistic process is based on the notion of cycles in relation to living things. Each work reflects this: the end of a cycle with the denaturation and transformation of materials, and the opening of a new one with a newly created canvas. 

In the creative process, she uses several techniques that intermingle to convey the essence and eternity of life: plant prints and tree bark imprints, self-created natural paints and vegetable dyes.