Virginie Bouelle

My must have to create

Music, tea, glass spaces with a view and large white walls.

Miracolo in 3 words

Alchemy, look, encounter.

If I were a famous artist

Serge Gainsbourg

If I were an art type

The art of living!

If I were an architect

Between brutalism and minimalism, with wood, concrete and nature, like the Van Wassenhove house, designed by Juliann Lampens.

If I was a color

Variants of earth ocher and white.

If I were an emotion


If I were a matter

A pigment

If I were a quote

"Every day you have to dance, if only by thought." - Nahman from Braslaw

If I were a sound/a noise

The rain, the sound of water.

The rain, the sound of water.

If I were a museum

The Picasso museum in Paris

The rain, the sound of water.