Aleksandra Szewczuk

Born in 1982, Gdynia. Art painter based in Sopot. Actively involved in the trend of expressionist abstraction in color field painting. Graduated the Academy of Fine Arts of Gdansk, one of the first graduate students of the proffesour Jerzy Ostrogórski. Finalist of the Polish National Painting Competition Leon Wyczółkowski at the BWA Bydgoszcz in 2020, finalist of the XIII Triennial of Small Painting Forms in Toruń in 2019 and finalist the III Pomeranian Art Triennial in Sopot.

In 2020, for Gdynia City, as part of the Breakwater of Culture program, she implemented a project of 4 paintings in her author's project A characteristic of her paintings is that she works on raw canvas with acrylic paints like Helen Frankenthaler.

She experiences technology all the time, her paintings are emotional recordings of her interior life. She takes part in group and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Her works are in private collections in Poland, Austria, the United States, Sweden, Portugal, Spain and in the collections of the State Art Gallery in Sopot.

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