Emma Lawrenson

Emma is a full time printmaker; she gained a BA in Fine Art from the University of Reading, and an MA in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art, London in 1998. Emma’s work is exhibited in a number of galleries across the UK and in Europe, often as a part of solo or mixed exhibitions, and her work is sold worldwide.

Emma won the Newlight printmakers award in 2015.

Each piece of work is hand printed, sometimes in up to 20 colours using traditional techniques.

This is a very labour intensive process requiring each colour to be printed individually, left to dry and then the next layer of colour printed. Some of the prints are finished with pencil or conte crayon. Drawing goes hand in hand with the screen printing process.

Combining the two enables her to produce smooth, crisp images in which she can explore shape and form through the layering of colours, textures, stripes and painterly marks. Her work stems from observations made in her surrounding landscape; observations of shapes, spaces, textures and colours.

These are initially recorded as photographs, small sketches or collages and undergo a series of fine-tuning once back in the studio before being translated into prints.

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Emma Lawrenson


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