Inspired by the dove of peace painted by Ukrainian artist Maria Primachenko, the #Paintadove4ukraine initiative started days before some of her works were tragically destroyed in Ivankik.

The hashtag, initiated by watercolour artist Isabelle Holroyd, has been followed by hundreds of artists, each painting peace doves to show their support to the Ukrainian people.

If creating Art in the name of peace mobilises and is engaging, the initiative itself is not enough.

Studio Miracolo has invited 9 artists who have participated in #Paintadove4ukraine for a limited and numbered edition of art prints. All profits will be donated to support the amazing work carried out by CHOOSE LOVE.

Choose Love has raised millions to support refugees and created a movement of people putting love into action around the world. They have launched a specific Ukraine Crisis Campaign to support projects that meet their criteria who are providing vital aid and services to those still in and fleeing the country.

Let's hope life imitates art and that the dove of peace will soon fly over Ukraine.

Daniele Knirim

Dove 4

From €75.83

Alice Ricard

Dove 3

From €75.83

Tijana Lukovic

Dove 6

From €75.83

Yoshiko Hada

Dove 2

From €94.79

Cristóbal Schmal

Dove 9

From €94.79

Isabelle Holroyd

Dove 1

From €94.79

Saskia Heijmans

Dove 7

From €94.79